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If you want to achieve more in your job, you can't really get ahead without further education. A part-time distance learning program can give you a real career boost, bringing your knowledge to a new level and, thanks to the academic degree, many advantages in your resume. Here we give you more information and tips on your questions about distance learning.

Do you know this too? You work and work, but can't get ahead on the career ladder without further education or an academic degree like a bachelor's or master's? Do your colleagues with a university degree get preferential treatment and more frequent salary increases? Then it's time to invest in your human capital. You can acquire practical knowledge with continuing education and online courses, but you can only make a real career leap with part-time distance learning.

At first glance, this means a lot of work, but at second glance, it also means an enormous return. The biggest advantage: free time management. It doesn't matter whether it's before work, after work or on the weekend. And you can learn completely independent of location. Instead of sitting in a stuffy seminar room or lecture hall with 200 fellow students, you can study on the couch, in the park or even in the café around the corner. This makes the extra work much easier and often more relaxing.

Not to be taken lightly
But prospective distance learning students should not harbor any illusions. Because despite the many freedoms, distance learning also means hard work and good management. It's not something that can be done lightly. "Sometimes you're running on fumes, but with a little discipline you can manage," explains Bea. She is also studying media informatics at the University of Applied Sciences in Lübeck.

Self-organization is important
Learning together with others is much easier. Ultimately, it always depends on what you make of it yourself. You can use the free arrangement to your advantage and adapt your studies to your everyday life. There are no fixed timetables.

This means that you have to plan and organize your study times on your own. This is not always as easy as it seems, but with the right management of time and capacities it works out. "It doesn't help you if you load up on too many modules and then realize that you can't combine it with your job" explains distance learner Kathrin in the interview. Sensible and realistic time management is therefore really important and avoids frustration during the semester.

How high are the costs?
The cost of distance learning varies greatly depending on the provider, the state in which the university or college is located, the desired subject or degree and, of course, how quickly the course is completed. In some cases, tuition fees are supplemented by costs for study materials, travel expenses, and accommodation at classroom events.

How popular is the combination of work and study?
At 47.3%, Germany ranks third worldwide when it comes to combining work and study. The Netherlands leads the way with a full 61%, followed by the USA with 55.2%. What is striking here is how poorly France and Italy come off in the statistics.

What can I study by distance learning?
The choice of studies is limited in distance learning. Courses of study with a large practical component, such as medicine or arts subjects, cannot be completed by distance learning. On the other hand, subjects such as computer science, business administration or industrial engineering are very suitable for distance learning. In our web session "Digital Happiness - A master's degree as a career workshop of the future" you can learn more about this and also get to know the lecturers.

Personal development as a goal
For your own development, the step to distance learning is a very big one that should be well thought out. It costs money, you have to show stamina over a longer period of time and you have to give up free time. Once you have made the decision, you should follow through with your studies. But you will soon see: The effort is worth it and you will not only develop professionally, but also personally.

But also for the personnel development in the company it means a big progress, if employees further educate themselves by correspondence course. It gets better trained employees who can be more closely tied to the company and bring in a lot of know-how. In addition, employees understand many processes much better when they have acquired additional theoretical expertise.

Timo has also gained new perspectives on the job. He completed a master's degree in business information systems at Kiel UAS. In his studies, he learned a lot about work structures and software engineering, which now benefits him in his daily work.

No loss of salary with part-time distance learning

A part-time bachelor's or master's degree also has the advantage that there is no loss of salary because you are studying in your free time. Many companies appreciate employees who continue their education through distance learning and even support them by offering additional vacation time, more flexible work schedules, or by covering some of the costs.

What's more, distance learning degrees count just as much as a degree from a face-to-face university. That was the result of a survey conducted by the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. In some cases, HR managers even prefer applicants who have studied while working. This is because they have demonstrated stamina and the ability to work under pressure - both qualities that are important on the job.

Another advantage is that distance learners combine theoretical knowledge with practical application - and can incorporate it into their everyday work. "Thanks to the knowledge gained from my studies, I understand some contexts in my daily work much better," explains Nicole. She is studying media informatics at the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences. The young mother's main job is as an editor at NDR. She studies in the company canteen after work, takes part in web sessions for her bachelor's degree in the evenings, and still finds time for her family.